Mid-century Design Chairs for Your Dining Area

Do you like the way your dining room looks like right now? If no, make sure you visit us online for dining room chair ideas. You might already have a nice table, but the chairs are not elegant enough to compliment it. If that is the case, we would like you visit roveconcepts.com today. Once you do, you will come across a wide range of Mid Century Modern Dining Chair options. There is a wide assortment of chairs, meaning that you could get any sort of chair you need. All our chairs are chic, beautiful and well-designed. They are suitable for the few minutes you spend around the dining table with your family. As well, our chairs have different colors, shapes and sizes. Thus, you can select a chair that will meet all your tastes and preferences. Some of our best dining chair sets include the following 4 picks.

Executive Side Chair with Wood Legs

This is a uniquely made organic chair that is made to conform to the human body shape. It stays true to the original side chair that was designed in the mid-century. Additionally, our executive side chair makes a perfect selection for the office and as it is designed for maximum comfort and luxury. This is a modern, ergonomic dining room chair that is designed according to Classic Finnish and American furniture designs. Offering beauty, functionality and class, the executive chair suits everyday use at home. This chair has been improved progressively over the years and this is how it looks right now. Measuring 22.4inches (width) x 19.7 inches (depth) and 31.5 inches (height), this chair’s legs are made of solid ash wood. It consists of premium quality upholstery and braided lockstitch technology among other things.

Tulip Armchair

This chair takes design clues from Finnish and American mid-century design. That could help describe why it has a simple design that is needed for everyday living. Measuring 26.25 inches wide, 23.75 inches deep and 33.5 inches high, the Tulip Armchair consists of a single pedestal base. This base compliments our Tulip Tables and this means that you can order a table and a set of chairs. Its modern frame creates a lovely curve around the back and through the arms in a flawless line. This creates a super elegant, ergonomic chair that can last for several years. The densely firm foam can be covered by either leather or fabric upholstery. This would be your choice.

Cherner Side Chair

This seat features an extremely cleaver design and has been crafted to appeal to the masses. A molded plywood chair, the Cherner Side Chair is a famous piece you can find in Museums and galleries. It has a bowtie shape and this is the feature that maximizes comfort. Though its silhouette is simple, including its concave backrest that is widest at the shoulder, the Cherner chair is a must-have. It allows the body to relax with its curved overall design. Measuring 7.2 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep by 32.25 inches high, this side chair is an excellent pick.

Tobias Dining Chair

This seat looks tasteful and lovely. It is lightly cushioned and is made of solid wood. Upholstered with tweed fabric, this seat will be the simplest to maintain. Even if it gets stained by your children, the seat will be easy to clean afterwards. Its thin legs depict the traditional mid-century Danish movement. It has matching armrests that makes the chair look modern. As it is comfortable and fully framed, the chair is totally stylish and reliable.

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