Features to consider while buying a dog crate

When you go out to look for the crate, you will find different types including these made in the fabric, heavy duty wire, plastic or wood. In case you want to use the crate if you are traveling, then most of the dog crate furniture will be suitable and they help to keep the pet contained during their transit and it will not be climbing on the seat or to distract a driver. Most solid crates are made to be sturdy and they offer enough protection to the dog, however fabric crate does not offer much protection for the dog when it gets involved in the accidents. Many wire cages can fold conveniently to be carried around or to be stored. When you are going to a hotel, it will be reassembled easily if you are in a hotel room.

When you will have to travel with your dog to another place, it is goo to ensure that the airlines had approved the crate you are buying. If the crate does not meet the guidelines of the airlines, it is not going to be allowed to go inside. The requirements can be different from an airline to another so you should stay in touch with the airline so that you can know what to buy before you choose expensive crate which will end up useless. Pet travel service may offer the approved crate for rent and they are most of the time made in wooden frame, wire grills with the doors. The service can also handle the pet travel and may liaise with the airlines on the behalf of the travelers.

If you want to use the crate as a bed for your dog or you just want a place where the dog can call its own, any crate type can be enough. However, if the dog likes to chew, it is good to use a wire crate.

The crate has to be cleaned on regular basis so that it can be free from the bacteria and to feel fresh. The easier way you can clean the crate the better crate you should buy. The wire crate come with the tray that it is already fitted into the base and it may be removed easily to be cleaned or the crate may be wiped clean using damp cloth. Plastic crate is cleaned in this same way but it is easier to clean. Fabric crate is not easy to clean since it has to be sponged and it gets stains easily. Some have been designed to have a material cover that can be removed easily away from the wire or plastic frame so that they may be washed easily using the hands.

When it comes to decide on the dog crate furniture, the size has to play a great role in it. A small cage makes the pet to cramp while if it is too large, the dog will tend to make the other end its toilet.

When you have the crate, you have to remember that any negative experience or frightening experience that the puppy will suffer during the crate training or in the crate, will make it to worry about the crate. You should let the puppy learn about the crate in a natural way. Decide on the place where you will put it and then leave it at that place. He is going to be used at looking at it and if you put some treats or toy inside it, it will go to retrieve them.

During the training, you should never force the dog to enter inside the crate. When you do so, the puppy cannot like it and it will not play near it. Do not punish the dog using the crate since it may associate the feeling of being crated and of being punished. When the puppy falls asleep, put it in the crate so that it can learn that it is a place of peace and calm.